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The SharePoint Shepherd's Guide for End Users - Book of training, resources, tools, and knowledge for users and for corporate management

The SharePoint Shepherd's Guide for End Users - Book of training, resources, tools, and knowledge for users and for corporate management

2013 Guide

Get Real SharePoint Answers

Frustrated with the complexity of SharePoint and finding answers to complete tasks?   Want to get fast answers on how to make SharePoint a more productive tool for your organization?

Our organization is here to help you find solutions in the SharePoint world.  Our depth of experience, integration with Microsoft factory and field staff, and hands-on approach with tons of clients allows us to have un-matched expertise in solving the most complex SharePoint issues.

With years of experience in working with organizations like yours, we have built tools and processes to help you maximize your investment in SharePoint and create real exciting value to your organization.   We have built several solutions to help you move forward in accomplishing more with SharePoint.


 Block 1  SharePoint Videos (DVD's)

Our SharePoint Shepherd's work with many clients everyday solving real-world problems.   Their experiences are brought to you with our SharePoint Shepherd Presents video series.  New videos are under construction based on common problems and issues for SharePoint users.

Frustrated with SharePoint?  You will find valuable tips and solutions for increasing your user engagement and adoption of SharePoint with our videos:

1.  "The Psychology of SharePoint Adoption and Engagement"

2.  "Nine Keys to SharePoint Success"

3.  "SharePoint Advanced Information Architecture"  (under construction)

4.  "Activities for SharePoint Adoption" (under construction)


 Block 2  Books

Our team of SharePoint Shepherds have built some of the most highly recognized reference books on SharePoint.  These experts have taken common SharePoint tasks and outlined easy-to-follow detailed steps to customize your SharePoint environment.   After years of helping many organizations with user training and SharePoint adoption, these books address common and complex issues in the SharePoint world.

The SharePoint Shepherd books are widely ranked as a "Must Have" reference material for any SharePoint installation.  Our current books are:

1. "2010:  The SharePoint Shepherd's Guide for End Users" more...

2. "2007:  The SharePoint Shepherd's Guide for End Users" more...



 Block 3  Online Tutor

End users get frustrated and confused with SharePoint, often incurring difficulty with many common and complex tasks.  We have created an Online SharePoint Tutor to bring resources direct to your end users to assist them solving their problems.

Our Tutor tools are licensed to your entire enterprise organization giving you the flexibility to allow all your users access to these helpful resources and detailed step-by-step help.  These include online video and screen shots showing your users exactly how to accomplish tasks in SharePoint.  Our current clients have found these tools to significantly reduce user frustration and help desk calls.

1.  "2010:  SharePoint Tutor" more...

2.  "2007:  SharePoint Tutor" more...


 Block 4  Ask a Shepherd

There is no replacement for getting an expert to help you through difficult issues.   Our team of SharePoint Shepherds are the best in the SharePoint world with many advanced certifications, real-world experience with clients like you, and extensive engagement with Microsoft's SharePoint Lab.

These experts are daily helping clients like you accomplish complex tasks and projects.  If you need our help, please contact us to engage one of SharePoint Shepherds on your project.   Email at


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