Business Analyst

Being on the tip of the spear for learning with SharePoint isn’t necessarily fun.  You’re supposed to be the expert to the end users but you’ve barely had any time to learn about it yourself.  That’s why we created tools for you like The Psychology of SharePoint Adoption and Engagement and the Nine Keys to SharePoint Success.  They’ll clue you into the important considerations for SharePoint before you even start.  What’s better is that you can ask for The SharePoint Shepherd’s Guide for End Users: 2013 Corporate Edition.  It contains 121 tasks that end users — and you– need to know about.  You can lookup tasks as you need to do them instead of having to go to days or weeks of training before you talk to your users.

When you’re ready to deploy SharePoint to the masses we can help with quick reference cards and instructor led training.  It all ties together so that users are able to understand the concepts and refer back to the Guide for the specific tasks.