SharePoint offers a unique set of challenges for the developer.  First there’s learning how to develop in it.  We believe that SharePoint on-premises development isn’t dead and that full trust code still has a place in the SharePoint marketplace.  It’s simply the easiest and most effective way to develop solutions on SharePoint and why we created our SharePoint Development DVD.  It teaches you all of the basics and provides some helpful tips for how to get things done quickly — even if you didn’t start with SharePoint experience.

However, once you’ve created your SharePoint integrated solution you still will have to respond to users who don’t know how to use SharePoint — and keep coming to you to ask how it works.  To combat the onslaught of user questions you can deploy The SharePoint Shepherd’s Guide for End Users: 2013 Corporate Edition.  It has 121 tasks that end users want to know how to do but rarely remember.  We’ve got other ways to help like quick reference cards and instructor led materials but most of the time organizations find that the best answer is to let the users get help when they need it from the Guide.