Human Resources

Do you walk in dreading who will be the next person in your office to complain?  Wouldn’t you like someone to be happy for a change?  Wouldn’t be nice if you could get a solution that fit in your budget and your users would love?  There is a way.  For SharePoint you can get The SharePoint Shepherd’s Guide for End Users: 2013 Corporate Edition.  It’s searchable.  It’s customizable.  It will make sense to your users and to you.  Installed quickly and easily from your machine without the need for IT — it solves the need for step-by-step instructions on how to get things done.

Though we don’t like it we know that 80% of training is forgotten within two weeks if it’s not reinforced.  Despite our best efforts to create a well educated workforce we find that simple things keep getting forgotten.  While we offer instructor led training materials, we encourage organizations like yours to look at productivity aids and references for your users like the Guide because they don’t suffer from the same forgetfulness.  Users learn how to do one of the 121 things they need to do when they need to do it.  If they forget, who cares?  They can always search again and get what they need quickly.

If you’re looking for something for yourself to help get your arms around rolling out SharePoint you can check out our Psychology of SharePoint Adoption and Engagement or our Nine Keys to SharePoint Success which are designed to help folks like yourself how to roll out SharePoint successfully.