Many of us have been in situations where we simply don’t know what we’re doing. In the workplace, this often happens when we’ve been asked to do something we were never trained to do.

For those of us who have to communicate to the rest of the people in the organization, most of us don’t have the appropriate support. We didn’t study communications or writing, but somebody needs to do the job. We may be the first person to fill a new role, or we simply weren’t given training on how to write to hundreds or thousands of people. It sounds easy on paper, but what do you do when people aren’t reading what you’re writing? How do you get employees the information they need?

That’s why we’re here. Whether you’re a non-professional communicator or a professional communicator that’s struggling to reach their audience, our Communications series is for you. We’ve gathered the strategies the professionals use, added a dash of psychology, and distilled them into bite-size videos that you can use right away to strengthen your communications. We discuss how to be heard in a noisy world, why you should broadcast on WIII-FM, the importance of talking to elephants, and much more.

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Communications Series

You can watch each video using the video player above or visiting our YouTube channel. Below are a list of the current videos in the series with links to each video.

Cascading Communications
Communicating in Layers
Listening to WII-FM
Campbell’s Journey
AKA-Writing for Purpose
Talk to the Emotional Elephant
The Signal and the Noise 
This is a Story 
Writing Like an Egyptian 
Time to Talk Tantalizing Teasers
A KISS of Cognitive Load