Do you need help engaging your users? Even if you’ve had your technology or solution around for a while, it seems like they’re disconnected. They’d rather stick with their email and only their email, and they like it that way.

We’ve got some help for you. These user engagement videos are designed to be quick hooks to garner interest in using your technologies. From finding people to rolling back revisions, these videos show you something quick and easy any user can do.

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Where Is Waldo?

Waldo can be hard to find in his book, even if you’ve got some help from your kids. In your organization, it’s not quite so tricky.

Paging 1, 2, 3

I’m not a web developer, and neither are you. But being asked to create a web page doesn’t need to be the ordeal it sounds like, as we discuss in this video.

Content Tamper Alarm

We’ve got doorbells and security systems to help us keep tabs on our physical space, but it seems like it’s harder to track our virtual space. We’ll show you a way to get notified when someone touches your files.

Rogue Revision Rewind

Sometimes stuff just happens. I know I’ve accidentally deleted some part of a file… and didn’t realize it until a week later. We’ll show you how to rewind your files in this video.

Dropping Files is Good

If you work with physical files, dropping them is usually a bad thing. On the other hand, dropping your virtual files is great! In this video, we’ll discuss how to drop your files in a way that actually helps your coworkers.

Listing Excel Sheets

Working with Excel is great… but if your data isn’t already there, it can be a pain to re-type it all. We’ll show you a quick way to make intranet data into Excel data in this video.