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The Ultimate Online Guide for SharePoint 2013, SharePoint Online, and Office 365

The SharePoint Shepherd’s Guide for End Users: 2013 Corporate Edition (Tutor) is the solution you need to help your users be effective, reduce your help desk calls, and improve adoption in SharePoint on premises, SharePoint Online, Office 365, or a private cloud.

Many organizations are struggling with a way to help their users become effective with SharePoint. The organization has spent a great deal of money implementing SharePoint and now is struggling with frustrated users and climbing support calls. The Shepherd’s Guide helps by leveraging research about how people learn and expertise in instructional design to provide the best materials to make the SharePoint experience better.

The Shepherd’s Guide is a set of over 120 how-to step-by-step instructions for doing the tasks that users need to know how to do most. Accessed through SharePoint navigation or via SharePoint search, the instructions are short and to the point. Additionally customers can watch the steps in a screen-cast video. Every one of the tasks has a video to guide the customer through it. Take a look at how the solution works. Like most of the tasks in the Shepherd’s Guide, it takes less than 2 minutes:

In addition, there is guidance that helps users decide which site template to use, whether to use a folder or metadata, whether to use a list-type App or a library-type App to store their content, and other content designed to help them make important design decisions.

Slash Training Costs

Aren’t you tired of your training budget getting cut and feeling like there’s no way to get the users the training that they need? Why don’t you turn the tables and cut your own training costs – but do it while maintaining – or improving – the training the end users receive. The Shepherd’s Guide costs less than instructor led training and based on the work of Malcom Knowles and his colleagues about how adults learn, it trains them better. Don’t you want to train them better – and have budget left over?

Accelerate Adoption

You’ve built it, but did they come? Research and practical experience shows that small barriers can have a big impact on how many (or few) users will adopt a new technology or technique. The Shepherd’s Guide reduces and eliminates barriers and confusion and enables users to start leveraging your hard work to solve real business problems.

Cut Support Costs

Help desk calls are expensive. What if you could cut your support costs by over 30% simply by deploying a tool to make it easier for your users to understand SharePoint, SharePoint Online, and Office 365? Our customers are seeing this every day. They get more adoption, better productivity, and fewer support calls.

Customize the Content

We know that every organization is different. The Shepherd’s Guide is designed to allow you to customize the content to fit your needs. Because the content are Wiki pages you can edit them to include tips, tricks, and policies that are unique to your organization. You can even swap out the screen shots so the screens look like your custom branded site.

You can also restrict the guidance that you don’t want to know about by using SharePoint’s out of the box security controls.

How It Works

Installation is a snap. We provide a client-side installer that you run which pushes the content into your SharePoint server, SharePoint Online, or Office 365. You provide the URL of the site you want the content in, your credentials to login, and the installer does the rest. Nothing is easier. In just minutes your users will be able to search for ways to solve their own problems.

Short and Long

Do you need a solution that provides short answers but is long on content? With our average video length being less than two minutes users can get in, get out, and get on with their job. With over three hours of total video content, we’re long on content that you need.

We’re Special

When you’re evaluating solutions for your training, support desk, and productivity needs you’ll have options – however, there’s something special about the Shepherd’s Guide:

  • Our content was authored by Robert Bogue, who brings experience in developing instructional content for 25 years spanning author credit on 25 books and numerous other content. Robert also worked on the technical and instructional design aspects of over 100 other books – his instructional design experience is unparalleled.
  • We license our content by users, not servers. We believe that the users are the reason that you’re trying to make things better. Everything we do is focused around helping you and your users be successful.
  • We know that users don’t know what page they need to be on to get help. We want them to get help no matter where they are. That’s why we focus on a strategy of making it easy for them to search – and find – the solutions they need.

We’re the only provider to offer content for SharePoint 2007, SharePoint 2010, and SharePoint 2013 – so we can help you migrate your users from where you are now to where you want to be.

Always Questions

We want to help users answer questions like these:

  • If I only have to do this process twice a year, how am I going to find this again?
  • How do I know which type of site is the right one to choose?
  • Is there a simpler way to upload items?
  • Can I share documents with my team members who work remotely?
  • How can I get this information from SharePoint into an email?
  • Should I create a page or a site?

How to Buy

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What Our Customers Say

“We have reduced our number of help desk request by at least 35%. I would definitely look to upgrade this resource when we go to the next version of SharePoint.”
Segundo Nazati, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

“It has already saved us hours and hours of generating content.”
Mark Lynch, UITS – Indiana University

“I think the Guide is the best single document I have seen to assist someone in getting started and familiar with using SharePoint.”
Chuck Chulvick, Raritan Valley Community College

What the Experts Say

“An invaluable resource for our customers.”
Eric Shupps, Microsoft MVP

“This guide will help you navigate your way around the core tasks within SharePoint with just enough visuals(screenshots) to keep you from getting lost.”
Asif Rehmani, Microsoft MVP

“A fantastic resource that should be within quick reach.”
Andrew Connell, Microsoft MVP

“I can’t think of a better resource.”
Chris Geier, K2


The SharePoint Shepherd’s Guide for End Users: 2013
Introduction and Decision Trees
  • What is a Content Type?
  • How Do I Manage Versions?
  • How Do I Get Notified of Changes?
  • Choosing the Right Site Template
  • Create a List or Library App
  • Organize with Folders or Metadata
  • Create a Page or Site
  • Create a Sub-Site or Site Collection
  • Managing Permissions with Active Directory Groups or SharePoint Groups
  • Create a Word form or an InfoPath Form
Collaborate on Projects
  • Task: Create a Place for Teams to Work
  • Task: Share Your Site
  • Task: Create a New Group
  • Task: Assign Users to a Group
  • Task: Remove Users from a Group
  • Task: Edit Group Settings
  • Task: Create a Project Site
  • Task: Remove a Group
Communicating Ideas
  • Task: Create a Discussion Board
  • Task: Start a New Discussion
  • Task: Reply to a Discussion
  • Task: Edit Discussions
  • Task: Delete Discussions
  • Task: Remove a Discussion Board
Conduct Effective Meetings
Work Together on Content
  • Task: Open and Save Documents from Office 2013
  • Task: Open and Save Documents from Office 2010
  • Task: Open and Save documents using Office Web Apps
  • Task: Share Documents in SkyDrive Pro
  • Task: Changing Document Permissions in SharePoint
  • Task: Check Out a Document in Office 2013
  • Task: Check Out a Document in Office 2010
  • Task: Check Out Documents in SharePoint
  • Task: Check Out Documents in SkyDrive Pro
  • Task: Check In a Document in Office 2013
  • Task: Check In a Document in Office 2010
  • Task: Check In Documents in SharePoint
  • Task: Check In Documents in SkyDrive Pro
  • Task: Connect an Approval Workflow
  • Task: Follow a Document
  • Task: Save a Site as a Template
Manage Apps
  • Task: Create a Custom List App
  • Task: Create a Library App
  • Task: Create a File in a Library App
  • Task: Upload a Single File to a Library App
  • Task: Upload Multiple Files to a Library App
  • Task: Create a New Folder in a Library App
  • Task: Import a Spreadsheet to Create a List App
  • Task: Create a New Item for a List App
  • Task: Add New List or Library App Columns
  • Task: Edit Existing List or Library App Columns
  • Task: Delete List or Library App Columns
  • Task: Edit a List or Library App in Quick Edit View
  • Task: View List or Library Item Properties
  • Task: Edit List or Library Item Properties
  • Task: Manage List or Library App Item Permissions
  • Task: Edit a Library App Item in a Preferred Application
  • Task: Download a Library App File
  • Task: Move a File to Another Library App
  • Task: E-Mail a Link to a Library App
  • Task: Edit a List or Library App View
  • Task: Add a Library or List App View
  • Task: Export a List or Library App to a Spreadsheet
  • Task: Delete a Library App File
  • Task: Recover A List Or Library App Item From The Recycle Bin
  • Task: Edit List or Library App Content Types
Use Outlook for Sharing
  • Task: Connect a SharePoint Library to Outlook
  • Task: Connect SharePoint Contacts to Outlook
  • Task: Edit a SharePoint Calendar in Outlook
  • Task: Connect a SharePoint Calendar to Outlook 2013
  • Task: Connect to SharePoint from a Sharing Message
  • Task: Edit Library App Files in Outlook
  • Task: Remove a Connected Document from Outlook
  • Task: Remove a Library App from Outlook
Conduct Surveys
  • Task: Create a Survey
  • Task: Preview Your Survey
  • Task: Enable Survey Branching
  • Task: Send a Survey Link
  • Task: View Survey Results
  • Task: Compile Survey Results
Getting Social with SharePoint
  • Task: Configure a User Profile
  • Task: Edit a Profiles Links
  • Task: Add a New Task to a Personal Site
  • Task: Edit a Task in a Personal Site
  • Task: Add An App To A Personal Site
  • Task: Edit an App in a Personal Site
  • Task: Remove an App from a Personal Site
  • Task: Create a Blog Entry in SharePoint
  • Task: Register a Blog in Word
  • Task: Write a Blog Entry with Word
  • Task: Post a Newsfeed Entry
  • Task: Reply to a Newsfeed Entry
  • Task: Tag SharePoint Content
  • Task: Tag External Content
  • Task: Edit a Wiki Page
Publish Web Content: Site Authors
  • Task: Create a Site for Published Content
  • Task: Create a Content Page
  • Task: Edit Page Content
  • Task: Spell Check Page Content
  • Task: Add an Image to a Content Page
  • Task: Add Publishing Approvers
  • Task: Submit Page for Publishing Approval
  • Task: Approve Content for Publication
  • Task: Change Page Schedule Expiration Date
  • Task: Manually Start a Workflow for Publication
  • Task: Create a Custom Permission Level
Publish Web Content: Site Owners
  • Task: Change a Site Theme
  • Task: Change a Site Logo
  • Task: Change a Site Master Page
  • Task: Add Cascading Style Sheets
  • Task: Organize Pages in a Web Site
  • Task: Upload a User Solution to the Site Collection Solution Gallery
  • Task: Allow Users to Create Different Sub-sites
  • Task: Create a Sub-site
  • Task: Customize Publishing Site Navigation
  • Task: Add the Content Query Web Part
  • Task: Export a Web Part
  • Task: Import a Web Part
  • Task: Add the Summary Links Web Part
Publish Web Content: Site Collection Owners
  • Task: Enable Output Cache
  • Task: Configure Site Collection Default Cache Profiles
  • Task: Configure Output Cache Profiles
  • Task: Add an Output Cache Profile
  • Task: Override the Configured Output Cache Profile
  • Task: Configure the Object Cache
  • Task: Flush Object Caches
  • Task: Enable and Configure Cross-List Query Cache
  • Task: Upload and Activate a Sandbox Solution
  • Task: Deactivate a Sandbox Solution
Appendix A: Site Definitions
Appendix B: List Definitions
Appendix C: Web Parts
Appendix D: Views
Appendix E: Permissions in SharePoint
Appendix F: User Interface

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