You’ve trained them but they’re still not learning. You’re still getting help desk calls about stupid things. You know you’ve taught them to create a view or create a blog but they don’t know how to do it. It’s not that they’re stupid. They’re smart just like everyone else but they forget 80% of what you teach them within two weeks. So you’ve got to look for a different approach that allows them to get to the content they need quickly when they need it instead of relying on their memory.

The Shepherd’s Guide is the answer with over 120 tasks and step by step instructions, every user can find answers quickly.  If they don’t know how to complete a task, there are written steps with screen shot pictures along the way as well as video clips to walk them through each step to be able to complete their job independently without asking lots of questions that were already answered in training.

Remember is not about what they remember from training, it’s about working together to find solutions and keeping productivity high.