You’re not free to be productive until you’ve had a chance to rid yourself of the training wheels. This is true when riding a bike and of being productive in business. If you’re still stuck training all your users you’re not freeing them to be productive.

Set them free to learn at their own pace by providing them with the support that they need to be effective quickly.  After training is over, having the SharePoint Shepherd’s Guide as a way to search for specific tasks to get their jobs done will enable them to be free and productive.  Giving tools to them to have support at their fingertips will increase productivity and be beneficial to the company as a whole.

Having a space to collaborate with other team members and edit pages to be specific to the culture of the company will boost team interaction and also enhance performance for all departments having a centralized location to work from.  The step by step instructional video clips for each task can be another way to reach folks from different learning styles.  The Guide will be user friendly to all types of learners.

Once the training wheels are off, everyone will be better equipped to ride freely while being supported to keep moving forward.